Are You a Suzuki Teacher?

Send your students to the Festival!  Students often experience a big motivational boost from the Festival. You can encourage them to attend and help them prepare the appropriate repertoire.

For teachers helping prepare the Book 4 and Up Fantasia on Greensleeves, you may find the complete score here.

If you need hard copy brochures for your studio, you may download and print those here.

Teachers who send 10 or more students may attend the Festival for free! Register as a volunteer using the form below. If 10 or more of your private students register, you will be relieved of your volunteer duties.

Hone your craft! Suzuki teachers are known for continuously seeking to become better teachers. The MA Suzuki Festival will offer a teacher workshop on Saturday afternoon, March 12. Come hear what these master teachers have to say. Teachers may also register to observe master classes on Saturday and other classes on Sunday. Sign up with the form below.

Teacher Workshop 2017:

2:00-4:00 "Secrets of Yendor" : Teaching Insights from Rodney Farrar ~ Bring a cello or your own instrument. Rodney will share his innovative tips and techniques that he's developed through years of cello teaching experience. Cello teachers should bring their cellos. Non-cello teachers may bring also their instruments, or a cello if they can, to "transpose" the skills from their own perspective. Rodney's ideas are expressed through cello terminology, but surpass the instrument in their relevance to all teachers.

4:00-6:00 How to Educate Successful Suzuki Parents ~ George Little of South Shore Conservatory will share his strategies for organizing a strong parent base in your studio, and educating Suzuki parents who know how to make the musical magic work for their families.

Join the Jazz! For another enrichment opportunity, teachers may sign up for the Jazz classes being offered both Saturday and Sunday. Masterclass with Ben Schwendener, piano and composition faculty at Longy, NEC, and Rivers, is 20 minutes in an hour-long session. The same class that the students are being offered, bring a prepared piece of your choice (suggested repertoire here) and work with Ben to create a jazz solo over the changes. On Sunday, the All-Musicians Creative Improvisation Ensemble involves mixed levels, ages, and instruments. Observation of this class is included in regular Sunday observation opportunities, or teachers may pay for the class as a student and join in the ensemble creativity.

Meet your colleagues! Join your fellow teachers for dinner on Saturday night at Symphony Sushi after the teacher workshops. We will also host a lunch for teachers at the Festival on Sunday. Sign up with the form below.

Help our Festival run smoothly! We are in need of volunteers to greet students, set up the faculty lunch, monitor piano recitals, and other tasks throughout the weekend. Most of our volunteers are Suzuki teachers, but parents and others are also welcome. Anyone who volunteers for three or more hours may attend teacher workshops, observe classes, and join us for lunch on Sunday-- all for free. Take a look at the Volunteer Job Descriptions and then sign up with this form.

Teacher/Volunteer Registration Form


All of the information on this page is subject to change or can be amended at any time.