Environment Enrichment

Dr. Suzuki advocated creating a rich environment to nurture children's artistic sensibilities. Below you will find many resources to guide parents in this process.

Parents as Partners Online

January 15 - June 30, 2015
Check back for 2016 in December!

Parents as Partners Online is a series of short online videos for Suzuki parents and teachers, on Suzuki-related topics like practice tips, parent-child relationships, philosophy, listening, motivation and more!

This year’s event includes 44 new videos, as well as the return of 16 past favorites.

Posting t 4-6 items each Monday for the next 11 weeks, and we'll email you when there’s something new. Once posted, everything will remain online until June 30 so you’ll have plenty of time to view them all.

Parent Promises by Carol Sykes

Children's Books

The Man with the Violin, by Kathy Stinson

Based on the true story of Joshua Bell's experiment to see who would stop and listen to a violinist in a busy subway station. Watch Josh Bell perform Bach in Washington DC's train station!

Frederico the Mouse Violinist, by K.C. Snider

A little mouse lives in the workshop of the great violin maker, Stradivarius, and yearns to have an instrument of his own!

Violin Lessons! by Katrin St. Clair

Follow a young student as he and his mother begin taking private violin lessons. Perfect to help children and their parents learn what to expect as they begin their music studies.

Classical Music Listening 

  • WGBH : Kids Classical Radio Channel
  • rom The Top : radio show featuring some of the nation’s top youth classical musicians
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra Family Concerts
  • Turning Kids On to Classical Music, by David Tyler