Class Descriptions

Master classes. During a one-hour master class, students take turns performing for a master teacher and receiving feedback in front of their peers. 

Master classes take place on Saturday. Students in Book 1 - 3 are assigned to groups of four children, with each child receiving fifteen minutes of instruction. Students in Book 4 and up are in pairs, and each child receives thirty minutes of instruction. Book 3 students may request to join a longer class.

Students in Book 2 and up may participate in a jazz masterclass taught by Ben Schwendener. They may choose from the suggested jazz repertoire list, or come with another piece they have already prepared.

Chamber music ensembles who have rehearsed together before may attend a one-hour coaching on Saturday with a piece they have prepared.

Group classes. In Suzuki group classes, students review common repertoire by joining in fun activities with their peers. All students participate in at least one group class on Sunday. All students Book 2 and up will also participate in a mixed-instrument or mixed-level group class. Students will play Suzuki repertoire selected for its compatibility with other instruments for an exciting group class experience. Students Book 4 and up will learn one part of an arrangement made specifically for Suzuki Ensemble. Scores will be posted on the repertoire list. Students will explore the piece together in mixed-instrument group classes.

Suzuki Early Childhood Education. This hour-long class is for children ages 0 - 3 and an accompanying adult. The ECE class uses song and movement as a beautiful introduction to the Suzuki method for babies and toddlers. The class will take place on Sunday at 10:30 am.

Eurhythmics. Based on the pedagogy of Emile Dalcroze, Eurhythmics classes offer children a chance to move their bodies while making deep connections to music. All Book 1 and Pre-Twinkle students have the opportunity to participate in a Eurhythmics class on Sunday.

Brazilian Drumming. Students in Book 2 will have an opportunity to learn exciting and complex rhythm patterns with percussionist Marcus Santos.

All Musicians Creative Improvisation Ensemble. Violin, viola, cello, flute, bass, harp, piano and guitar students in Book 3 and up participate in a Creative Improvisation class with Ben Schwendener on Sunday. Students will collaborate with other instruments and levels to create a unique piece of music, which will be recorded during the session. No preparation is required, but students should be comfortable with the techniques introduced from Book 2 and up, in their own instrument's repertoire. Students who play more than one instrument have the option of coming to this class with their secondary instrument.

Musical History Tour. Chuck Speicher brings music history to life with his entertaining interactive presentations. This year's talk is about "Harry Potter and the Magic of German Opera!" All students have the opportunity to participate in this session on Sunday.

Live Music Performance. Let your child be inspired by Tatu Mianzi, an exciting group formed by a Suzuki family right here in Massachusetts!


All of the information on this page is subject to change or can be amended at any time.